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Officers 2017-18

1st Vice Chairman
2nd Vice Chairman
Section Delegate
John R. Ackerman, PE, PG
Shawn Frye, PE
John O. Voigt
Brian Traweek, PE
John Mack, PE
Twin Oaks Consulting, LLC
Blaschak Coal Corporation
Voigt Consulting
American Mining Engineering
Office of Surface Mines

Board Members

Directors for Three Years
Rodd White, PE
Dan Vice, PG
Kenneth J. Levitz
Lehigh Engineering
Retired, Penn State
Directors for Two Years
Kristin Sweeney
Ben Putnam
Al Senape
Pennsy Supply, Inc. 
Anthracite Pump Resources, LLC
Anthracite Pump Resources, LLC
Directors for One Year
Jon Inners, PG
Tom Ogorzalek
Robert Hughes
Retired, PA DCNR, Geologic Survey
Butler Enterprises
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