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Meeting Schedule

The Penn-Anthracite Section holds four meetings each year in the spring, summer, fall and winter of the year.  Many times field trips are associated with the Fall and Spring Technical Sessions where the section members travel to sites related to the mining industry.

Our Annual Meeting is held around the third week of June and features a lighter presentation related to mining, the installation of our Officers for the upcoming year and the attendance of our Kaminski Scholars and their parents for the presentation of their Scholarships.

Summer Technical Session

A message from John Voigt, Section Chair of the SME Penn Anthracite Section:

Hi Folks, due to Pennsylvania Dept of Health 'YELLOW' status, we are postponing the 11 June summer meeting until Thursday, 23 JULY at Capriotti's.


We do not have a speaker arranged yet, so please contact me or any officer or board member, if you have a good topic and are interested in presenting 26 July. 


If that date is still not judged to be safe, we plan to use a live video conference near that same date.

Fall Technical Session

To be Announced

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