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Officers 2022-23

1st Vice Chairman

2nd Vice Chairman



Section Delegate
Henry Zielinski, PE*
Shawn Frye, PE

Angela Meck, PE

Eric Bella

Alfred G. Handy, PE

John O. Voigt*
Northampton Power
Blaschak Anthracite

Tetra Tech

Lehigh Engineering

Twin Oaks Consulting, LLC

Voigt Consulting, Retired

Board Members

Directors for Three Years
Ben Putnam

Dave Williams, PE

Erik B, Anderson
Anthracite Pump Resources, LLC

Northampton Power
Directors for Two Years
John Podgurski

Jason Tarnowski, PLS*

Dr. Brian Redmond
Retired, MSHA

Earth Conservancy

Retired, Wilkes University
Directors for One Year
Thomas Ogorzalek

Abigail Dessecker

Andrew J. Fisher

* Past Chairmen

Butler Enterprises

Blaschak Anthracite

PEI Realty, Inc.
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