A message from John Voigt, Section Chair of the SME Penn Anthracite Section:

Hi Folks, due to Pennsylvania Dept of Health 'YELLOW' status, we are postponing the 11 June summer meeting until Thursday, 23 JULY at Capriotti's.


We do not have a speaker arranged yet, so please contact me or any officer or board member, if you have a good topic and are interested in presenting 26 July. 


If that date is still not judged to be safe, we plan to use a live video conference near that same date.

Penn-Anthracite Section Grows

At the SME Annual Meeting in February 2018 the Board of Directors approved the addition of the areas covered by the former Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia Sections, SME to the Penn-Anthracite Section. The Penn-Anthracite Section now covers the entire eastern portion of Pennsylvania, along with western and southern New Jersey. We welcome all the SME members residing in these areas to the Penn-Anthracite Section

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